Director KJ Baysa 

Kóan Jeff Baysa is an avid art collector who has been curating exhibitions for over twenty years. He is an alumnus of the Whitney Museum ISP Curatorial Section and a member of AICA. He moved into the tech sector of medicine in 2011, worked in conflict zones and is interested in sensory perception and the cultural constructs of wellness and disease. Co-founder of the Joshua Triennial, he is also the Founder of Pono Projects, an art and culture pipeline connecting Hawai'i with the rest of the globe. A Ford Foundation Grant recipient, he has lectured at MoMA, Philips Collection, National Academy of Sciences, Whitney Museum, Metropolitan Museum, as well as the United Nations. Dr. Baysa is a board member and advisor for several arts organizations, including the Vera List Center for Art and Politics and the Omi International Art Center.

Associate Director Jennifer Francis

Jennifer Francis is the Gallery Director of Flowers. This follows her tenure as Director of Marketing, Communications and Visitor Services at the Louvre Abu Dhabi where she contributed towards the successful launch of the museum and previous role as Executive Director of Marketing and Communications at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Francis also served as Head of Press and Marketing at the Royal Academy of Arts in London and held senior positions at the Victoria and Albert Museum and Royal College of Art.


Co-Chair David Medalla

David Medalla is a pioneer of the Kinetic Art, Land Art, participatory art and live art movements. He is based in London where he co-founded the Signals Gallery through which he presented the international Kinetic Art exhibition. He initiated the Exploding Galaxy, a space that, thanks to the international confluence of artists, musician, poets, dancers, represented a significant creative force in a period of social upheaval and cultural revolutions of the mid-Sixties. Medalla is the founder and director of the London Biennale, “a free festival of do-it-yourself art, free and open to all creative people around the world."

Co-Chair Adam Nankervis

Adam Nankervis is an artist and curator who has infused social, conceptual and experimental practice in his lived-in nomadic museum: museum MAN. His immersion into the experimentation of social sculptural forms and aesthetic collisions is a trademark of his art. He is the International Coordinator of the London Biennale 2000–2018. Since its founding in an abandoned shoe shop on Mercer Street in New York City in 1992, his ongoing project "another vacant space" was re-manifested as Berlin Wedding 2011. The project focuses on the re-emergence of the hidden in subject, content, and theory, the ephemeral, exploring the art of creative destruction and reconstruction inviting contemporary artists and the historical.

Artistic Director

Betty Martin is an artist whose passion for painting is reflected in her large scale and textured works. Past accomplishments include set design for the Opéra Comique and music videos for Janet Jackson and the Spice Girls. Currently, she is focused on commissioned paintings and a new series of paintings on nature’s abstraction.



Project Manager

Amber Khan is a fiber and illustration artist that draws inspiration from the absurdity of everyday life. She hopes her work will aid everyone to take a step back and's just art...and that the most important thing we can do is create real human connections. She is from Honolulu, Hawaii. 

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