Artropocene, the inaugural iBiennale, is an itinerant and island-based art and culture event presenting sixty-six artists from seventeen countries. It will be staged from 9 until 24 March 2019. The art summit is an exciting opportunity for artists in Hawaii to interface with art practitioners and experts from around the globe. It will take place at the Y Center for Visual Arts in the Iwilei-Kapalama neighborhood of Honolulu, Hawaii. The summit is co-chaired by David Medalla and Adam Nankervis.

Artropocene: iBiennale MMXIX is adapted from the definition of the geologic epoch with the greatest human influence on the environment. Its grass-roots philosophy and involvement will address local issues with timely global resonances. After its launch in Honolulu, it will travel to another island location in 2021, reimagining the current fixed-location biennial model. Its themes will include the ways that contemporary artists view diverse cultures as they interact and coexist in a global society.

Co-chairs David Medalla and Adam Nankervis said, "We are excited to be part of this inaugural Biennale. It presents the urgent issues of our humanity and environment highlighting the essential role of artists in the age of social responsibility and activism. Among the critical topics, cultural preservation, nuclear proliferation, forced migration, global warming, interpersonal violence, and gender equality are addressed.”

Artropocene presents opportunities for international cultural exchanges as artists from the Pacific region and Honolulu gain prominence. It features an interactive installation by Yoko Ono and a large tapestry by Masami Teraoka. Video art by Mithu Sen from India and FX Harsono from Indonesia are presented with art installations by Pinkie Strother and Paula Flores; a painting by Betty Martin is shown near a video by Shunsuke Francois Nanjo; paintings by Tsherin Sherpa from Nepal hang next to sculptures by German artist Bodo Korsig; printed words by Cheyenne-Arapaho artist Edgar Heap of Birds are placed next to stone carvings by native Hawaiian artist Hanale Hopfe; performances by Mia Morissette, Nanci Amaka and Jonathan Swanz will activate the space.

Artropocene: iBiennale MMXIX director, Kóan Jeff Baysa, said, "I am thrilled that the first iBiennale is presenting a new model for cultural exchanges between island-based artists and the rest of the world. The exciting singular ethos of iBiennale is its broad embrace of new, old and commissioned works by accomplished, emerging and past artists together with those from Hawaii, in its globalized settings. It highlights how island cultures can serve as catalysts that generate new discussions and art practices. Originating in the Hawaiian archipelago, the inaugural iBiennale will pilot new artistic expressions inspired by the distinctive character of future host islands."

One-third of the participating artists are from Hawaii. Public programming will accompany the summit and includes a portrait studio, walkthrough tours, workshops, and an off-site project.


Artists Anthropocene: iBiennale MMXIX

Nanci Amaka • Amabelle Aguiluz • Cody Anderson • Miguel Aquilizan • Erik Benjamins • Mary Babcock • Melissa Chimera • Kaili Chun • Charles Cohan • Paula Flores • Shingo Francis • Kip Fulbeck • Yumiko Glover • Sergio Goes • Kainoa Gruspe • FX Harsono • Edgar Heap Of Birds • Cannon Hersey • Thomas Hite • Hanale Hopfe • Daniel Horowitz • Bryan Ida • Ai Iwane • Jian Jie Ji • Kaveh Kardan • Amber Khan• Bodo Korsig • Bennett Lieberman • Maui Loa • Marcos Lutyens • Betty Martin • David Medalla • Linny Morris • Mia Morissette • Vitshois Mwilambwe • Shunsuke Nanjo • Adam Nankervis • Yoko Ono • Michael Petry • Araya Rasdjarmrearnsook • Mireya Samper • Sunny Samuel • Jack Saul • Mithu Sen • Tsherin Sherpa • Juvana Soliven • Pinkie Strother • Jonathan Swanz • Dan Taulapapa • Steed Taylor • Masami Teraoka • Hank Willis Thomas • Spencer Tunick • Jerry Vasconcellos • Roberto Visani • Gunjan Tyagi • Yida Wang • Stephen Whisler • Linda Yamamoto • S'wen Young • Zhang Hongtu • Teig Grennan • Chris Reiner • Kc Grennan • Scott Grennan

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